Maria Jesus Garcia-Fraile awarded with the Virgen de las Viñas painting prize sponsored by Alvinesa Natural Ingredientes.


The Painting and Sculpture Awards of the XVIII Cultural Contest Virgen de la Viñas took place last week and the jury was formed by Rosa Brun, Rafael Canogar, Alfonso de la Torre and Rafael Torres Ugena.
Daimiel.- The painting and sculpture categories of this prize, which constitute one of the most important cultural events in the region, took place on October the 15th. The Journalism Prize that this year incorporates for articles in digital media the first time is still pending.
The first painting prize, sponsored by Virgen de las Viñas Bodega and Almazara, has been awarded to Jorge Gallego García for his work “El poso del hombre”. The second, sponsored by Globalcaja, has been for Teruhiro Ando for his work “Susurro de la Luz V” and the third, sponsored by La Caixa, for Carolina Ferrer Juan for “El lugar de la espera IV”.
The fourth prize, sponsored by Alvinesa Natural Ingredients, recognized the painting “158,000” by the artist María Jesús García-Fraile, from Madrid. The cast of painting awards is completed with the Regional Painting Prize, sponsored by Glomol, which has been given to Miguel Angel Medina Martín for his piece “Antarctica”.
María Jesús García Fraile is a multidisciplinary artist with a variety of resources, combining in her work drawing, painting, photography, video, sculpture or installations. Her works are part of the institutional funds of the Municipal Museum of Madrid, the Ministry of Culture, the AENA Foundation and collections such as Iberdrola, L’Oreal Collection, Bancaja Collection, McKinsey Collection and Coca-Cola. She also has her work exposed in museums such as IVAM, the Patio Herreriano Museum and the Artium, among many others.
On the other hand, the Sculpture Prize, sponsored by Enológica Sánchez Migallón S.L., has been awarded to Adrián Carra Sainz de Aja for his work “Stato”.