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Alvinesa offers a wide range of ingredients for the food industry, highlighting Vitifresh™ and Oleafresh™ as natural preservatives, Vintera® and Hytolive® which provide functional properties, natural tartaric acid, grape seed oil, natural grape coloring, wine concentrate, and food alcohols.

These ingredients not only meet the demands of the current market but also reflect a growing trend towards the preference for natural, sustainable, and clean label ingredients by consumers.

With perfect traceability and a focus on food safety, our ingredients provide peace of mind and confidence to our customers in the quality and origin of the elements they use in their final products.

Ingredients targeted at the food market

Natural grape coloring

Grape skin extract is a natural food coloring. It is used in the food, animal nutrition, and nutraceutical industries.

Wine concentrate

Concentrado de vino

Food flavor and aroma additive offers a natural and authentic alternative to enhance the flavor and aroma of food products.

Tartaric acid

Ácido Tartárico

It’s primarily used in the food industry as an acidifier, emulsifier, and natural preservative.

Grape seed oil


Used in various applications ranging from cooking to baking, thanks to its mild flavor, high smoke point, and nutritional benefits.



Grape extract, which allows us to preserve food and extend its shelf life due to its antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.



Grape extract, with beneficial properties for cardiovascular and overall health due to its high content of polyphenols.



Olive extract, which allows us to preserve food and extend its shelf life due to its antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.



Olive extract standardized in hydroxytyrosol, a potent antioxidant with clinical studies supporting its health benefits.


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