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By means of this legal notice, ALVINESA NATURAL INGREDIENTS S.A,  provides Users with the general information that, as providers of the company’s services, we are required to make available, as directed in Art. 10 of Law 34/2002 of 11 July on company information services and electronic marketing.

Please be advised that is owned byALVINESA NATURAL INGREDIENTS S.A., legally registered under C.I.F A-30423073 with a head office located at 18 (1) Calle O’Donnell G 28009 Madrid. For contact and information purposes, ALVINESA NATURAL INGREDIENTS S.A. provides Users with the following email address:

The purpose of the website is to make available to Users clear information about the services provided by the website owner, ALVINESA NATURAL INGREDIENTS S.A.

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The user agrees to use the services and tools offered by ALVINESA NATURAL INGREDIENTS S.A. in accordance with its code of ethics, the law, good faith, public order, business uses and this Legal Notice. The user will be responsible to ALVINESA NATURAL INGREDIENTS S.A. with respect to third parties for any non-compliance with the foregoing.

The establishment of a connection or link, to another website, as applicable, does not in any event imply the existence of a relationship between ALVINESA NATURAL INGREDIENTS S.A. and the holder or owner of the linked website, nor acceptance or approval by ALVINESA NATURAL INGREDIENTS S.A. of its contents or services. Anyone wishing to establish a connection or link to this website shall obtain consent in advance from ALVINESA NATURAL INGREDIENTS S.A,, which reserves the right to claim for any damages that result from establishment of such a connection or link without the required authorization. 

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Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

ALVINESA NATURAL INGREDIENTS S.A., in accordance with the provisions of Articles 8 and 32.1 2nd para. of the law on intellectual property, advises that it is strictly prohibited to reproduce or publicly communicate, including its mode of provision, all or part of the contents of the web page for commercial purposes on any support or by any technical means, without the authorization of ALVINESA NATURAL INGREDIENTS S.A. The user agrees to respect the Intellectual and Industrial Property rights of ALVINESA NATURAL INGREDIENTS S.A.

The displaying of all contents and elements of the web portal is permitted, as well as its printing, copying and storage on any physical or technological support provided that it is done solely and exclusively for personal and private use. The user agrees that they shall not delete, alter or manipulate any protection device or security system that may be installed on 

Disclaimer of Warranty or Responsibility Links.

ALVINESA NATURAL INGREDIENTS S.A. shall not be responsible under any circumstances for damages that may be caused despite having taken all technological steps necessary to avoid them.

Due to the existence of links and hyperlinks to other websites within the contents of, the company advises that ALVINESA NATURAL INGREDIENTS S.A. shall have no control over said sites and contents. Under no circumstances shall responsibility be assumed for the contents of links to third parties, nor guarantees of availability, quality, accuracy, truthfulness or legality of any material or information included on any of said hyperlinks or other websites.

The inclusion of these external connections does not imply any type of association, acquisition of or interest in third party entities. 

Legislation and Jurisdiction

Legislation applicable to this Legal Notice shall be the laws of Spain, and the competent jurisdiction for legal matters related this website shall be the two Courts of the city of Madrid. 

ALVINESA NATURAL INGREDIENTS S.A will take legal action against any breach of these conditions, or any improper or negligent use of its portal, exercising all relevant civil and criminal legal action. 

Likewise, the holders of the website,, reserve the right to deny or revoke access to the website and/or the services offered without prior notice on its own behalf or for a third party to any users who do not observe this Legal Notice, the Cookies Policy or the Privacy Policy.