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We obtain a wide variety of products from grapes for the pharmaceutical, chemical industrial, and energy markets.

Likewise, we are leaders in the manufacture of industrial alcohols for use as biocides, solvents, or extracting agents.

Under the ISCC standard, we market second-generation bioethanol for the liquid biofuels industry.

One of our concerns is contributing to closing the grape cycle by promoting a circular economy and the complete utilization of this fruit and its derivatives. Therefore, we market the by-products generated as solid biomass for furnaces and boilers for thermal energy production.

Products Targeted at the Industrial Market

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Crude Alcohol

Is an alcohol with a concentration between 92º and 93.5º obtained from the distillation of vinification by-products without alcohol separation, primarily used for energy purposes as fuel. It serves as a base for obtaining sustainable bioethanol.

Dehydrated Alcohol

Is an alcohol with a concentration above 99º obtained by dehydrating crude alcohol using zeolites. It is primarily used in the industrial market as a second-generation biofuel. 

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Partially Denatured Alcohol

Alcohol with a concentration between 96º and 96.5º obtained through the distillation and rectification of wine by-products with the addition of a marker for denaturation. This alcohol is used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.


Alvinesa’s biomass, derived from agricultural waste and sustainable industrial processes, is a clean and efficient source of energy.

We offer solutions for: 

  • Energy Generation: produce electricity and heat sustainably.
  • Biofuels: produce bioethanol and biodiesel from biomass.
  • Biogas: generate biogas for electricity, heating and vehicle fuel.
  • Chemical Products: Transform biomass into biodegradable plastics, fertilizers and other industrial compounds.


Alvinesa is committed to sustainability and the circular economy, taking advantage of waste to create value and reduce emissions., aprovechando residuos para crear valor y reducir emisiones.

Other ingredients aimed at the Pharma and Industry market

Tartaric acid

Ácido Tartárico natural 800x600

It is mainly used in the food industry as an acidifier, emulsifier and natural preservative.


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