Alcoholic beverages


Brandy and spirits

Spirits with an alcohol content between 65º and 79º obtained through distillation in an alembic or copper column, which retain all the organoleptic characteristics of the wine used as raw material.

Alvinesa’s spirits and brandies are versatile ingredients that find their place not only in the production of internationally renowned fortified wines such as Porto and Sherry, but also in the creation of exceptional brandies.

Distilled alcohol

The distilled alcohol, with its alcohol content ranging from 86º to 95º, arises from the careful distillation of wine in copper columns.

This meticulous process preserves some of the distinctive organoleptic qualities of the original wine, resulting in a pure and concentrated spirit that serves as a fundamental base for the production of internationally renowned brandies and fortified wines.

Bebidas Alcohólicas

Neutral alcohol

Neutral alcohol, with its alcohol content ranging between 96º and 96.5º, is the result of a meticulous process of distillation and rectification of wine and wine by-products. Through this rigorous technique, most of the congeners present in the original wine are eliminated, resulting in a pure and neutral spirit.

Neutral alcohol is distinguished by its extraordinary versatility, making it an essential ingredient in the production of a wide range of spirits.


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