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Alvinesa Natural Ingredients is a leader in the “circular economy,” working with sustainable plant-based ingredients. The company utilizes and transforms agricultural products into highly valuable natural ingredients that promote a healthy life. Alvinesa markets a wide range of natural ingredients made from grape pomace for use in the food, beverage, nutrition, animal nutrition, and enological industries. We offer a broad selection of polyphenols, wine concentrate, natural grape colorant, grape seed oil, alcohols, and we are the largest producer of natural tartaric acid. 

Alvinesa controls a sustainable and traceable supply chain with waste prevention techniques. We source high-quality grape pomace from all five continents and transform 100% of the raw materials into ingredients for the global market. By doing so, we preserve global food supplies by not destroying or wasting any other food in the process of generating ingredients. With 30 years of technical expertise, we manufacture all our products to high-quality standards in our own facilities, which have a low carbon footprint. Instead of using chemical solvents, we only use water for extraction, thus preserving the natural quality. 95% of the energy we use is self-generated from renewable sources, including our own biomass and our photovoltaic plant.



We are Alvinesa

Our objectives

Mission and vision

  • Mission

    Contribute to the comprehensive use of all vine products through research and development to obtain natural ingredients beneficial to health and safe additives for animal feed, all of them respectful of the environment and under the prism of the circular economy as a principle. basic of our activity.

  • Vision

    Establish a multinational commercial network that allows us to position our products derived from the vine in different markets such as wine, nutraceutical, food, animal feed and energy. We have a great capacity to adapt to customer needs and to seek together the necessary solutions and products to meet their demand, always in a sustainable way.

Our brand values

Be part of the future:

Our human team is actively integrated into the day-to-day life of the company and new projects. Your opinion and experience is our guide to shape the future.


The humane and professional treatment together with the proximity to the needs of our clients guarantee the creation of long-lasting commercial links. The relationship with our suppliers is based on excellence and business integrity.


Responsible and environmentally friendly production is based on the circular economy and sustainability, controlling the life cycle of our products.


Continuously focused on the development of new products derived from grapes with beneficial effects on health.

Ambition and competitiveness:

Alvinesa was born as a family business and, after several generations, it has managed to establish itself as a large modern and fully professional company, fighting today for world leadership in its sector. This value guarantees our survival and also our growth in a competitive market. Our attention to the products produced guarantees not only quality but also competitiveness. Our clients recognize us for this and this is one of the reasons why we establish lasting business relationships.

75 years

Our history and evolution

Empowerment and Equity: Women Leaders at Alvinesa

We promote equity by providing equal opportunities for personal and professional growth and development, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, age or abilities.

Inclusion is the foundation of our work environment, where each individual feels valued, heard and empowered to contribute fully with their unique skills and talents. We are committed to creating an inclusive environment where all voices are valued and respected.

At Alvinesa, we appreciate diversity as an invaluable asset that drives our company towards sustainable success and excellence in everything we do. 

Cristina Palomera Guerrero

Cristina Palomera Guerrero

Plant manager since 2015
Raquel Peco Rodríguez

Raquel Peco Rodríguez

Treasury manager from 2023
Manuela Martin Zarco

Manuela Martin Zarco

Ph.D. Quality Director since 2021
Fátima Rodríguez-Grandjean Muñoz

Fátima Rodríguez-Grandjean Muñoz

Financial Director since 2022
Alicia Megias Ortega

Alicia Megias Ortega

Director of Administration and Consolidation from 2022
Crisdell Codeghini

Crisdell Codeghini

Marketing Director since 2023


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