The natural ingredients company based in Daimiel, Spain, which specializes in grape and olive derivatives, has acquired two leading companies in grape by-product valorization in Chile and Argentina. This acquisition positions the new group as one of the global leaders in grape seed oil, tartaric acid, and cream of tartar. It also strengthens its market presence in biofuels, functional foods, dietary supplements, grape tannins and polyphenols, functional additives for animal feed, and both food-grade and industrial alcohols. Alvinesa, which achieved a turnover of €100 million in 2023, anticipates over €150 million in revenue by consolidating Vinicas and Dervinsa.  

Jon Fernández de Barrena, CEO of Alvinesa, stated, “This operation aligns with Alvinesa’s strategy to remain a benchmark in upcycling—transforming natural waste into higher-quality products with greater ecological and economic value—and to continuously improve our offerings to clients.” He detailed the strategic interest of the operation as follows: 

  • Access to raw materials in the southern hemisphere: the acquisitions grants Alvinesa access to high-quality raw materials in the Southern Hemisphere, whose harvest season complements that of the Northern Hemisphere. This not only reduces price fluctuations for clients but also ensures year-round product availability. Additionally, it broadens the range of active ingredients in their products.
  • Expansion of production capacities: this move adds three additional production centers to its existing two plants in Spain, all certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Halal, and Kosher standards.
  • Commercial strengthening in America and the United States: enhances the company’s commercial presence in these regions and complements its portfolio with cream of tartar, metatartaric acid, and activated carbon.
  • Leadership in circular economy: solidifies Alvinesa’s position as a leader in the grape-derived ingredients industry and as a proponent of the circular economy.

Recently certified as a B Corp and FSSC 22000, Alvinesa solidifies its presence in America with two leaders in traceability and access to high-quality raw materials. Concurrently with this expansion step, Alvinesa has appointed Juan Humberto Fernández Del Campo (formerly with Coca-Cola, Heineken, and Altadis) as Chief Sales Officer.  

Through this deal, the parties agreed to entrust the marketing of GSO produced in Argentina to Provence Huiles S.A.S. for further growth

About Alvinesa Natural Ingredients: Alvinesa Natural Ingredients is a leader in the circular economy of sustainable ingredients. The company valorizes and transforms co-products into valuable natural ingredients that promote healthy living. Offering a wide range of natural products derived from grape and olive pomace—including organic options—Alvinesa serves the food, beverage, nutrition, animal nutrition, and winemaking industries. Its portfolio includes a broad selection of polyphenols, colors (anthocyanins), natural tartaric acid, wine concentrate, grape seed oil, and food-grade and industrial alcohols. 

Alvinesa maintains a sustainable, traceable supply chain with waste prevention and sources high-quality grape pomace with low or no pesticide content, primarily from the fertile wine regions of Castilla-La Mancha and Catalonia in Spain. The company transforms 100% of the raw materials it obtains into ingredients used to produce a range of products, mainly for consumer markets worldwide, thus preserving global food supplies by not destroying food to make ingredients. Applying seventy years of technical expertise, the company manufactures all its products to unparalleled quality standards in its modern, low-carbon-footprint facility. Only water is used for extraction, preserving the natural goodness, and a high percentage of energy requirements is met renewably on-site: 100% of steam energy (produced by its own biomass) and up to 30% of electricity (via solar energy). 


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