Alvinesa Natural Ingredients is already at full capacity in a campaign marked by security measures.


Daimiel, September 4th, 2020.- The 2020 campaign has started at a good pace and according to the company's forecasts, Alvinesa Natural Igredients will exceed the volume of raw material received last season. Security measures are very present in all departments of the company and special attention is paid to those areas that have contact with the outside, such as the reception and the unloading area.

In Spain as a whole, according to the forecasts of Cooperatives Agroalimentarias, between 43 and 44 million hectolitres of wine will be produced in the 2020 harvest, which represents an increase between 16% and 18.9% compared to last year (37 million hectolitres) although the situation is different depending on the wine region analysed. If in Castilla La Mancha the rains at the right time and the absence of frosts suggest a 2020 harvest that is good in quantity and quality, in Catalonia, Extremadura (with 28.5 million hectolitres) and other producing areas, there will be a reduction compared to 2019, due to the mildew that has affected the Northern half of the country, episodes of hail and the effect of heat in the dry vineyard.

According to forecasts by the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Rural Development, in Castilla-la Mancha, where more than 50% of the national production is collected, this harvest is expected to produce about 23,000,000 hectolitres of wine and wine juice, that is three million litres above what was obtained last season.

Security measures and work normality

On the other hand, Alvinesa Natural Ingredients is making a great effort to guarantee the safety of workers and to be able to face the start of this year's campaign with total normality. Two measures make this possible, the Occupational Safety and Hygiene Plan and the implementation from the Personnel and Labour Relations department of the company of the technical instruction "Guidelines to follow to prevent and avoid the spread of COVID -19 ". This department has been in charge of explaining to each employee personally and individually all the new regulations, which is allowing the normal operation of the Daimiel plant, with a high degree of safety, at these times of maximum activity.