A New published article says: YES, you can! It is confirmed! We can reduce the stress by delighting a tasty grape juice!


In a recent article about how to prevent neurodegenerative disease using anthocyanins and grape seed extracts, we presented the first Invivo results of the study carried out by CIBIR (Center for Biomedical Research of La Rioja) .

It has been shown that both grape skin extracts (mainly Anthocyanins) and grape seed extracts (mainly proanthocyanins) offered some very promising protective properties against oxidative stress process occurring in the brain.  So, what is next?

Coming from the wine industry, we do know how much the organoleptic profile is important for consumers and how much taste, colours, flavours are important criteria for natural beverages. Also, we know how a food matrix and food processes can interfere on the natural ingredient properties.

That is why the results presented in the new article: Grape Juice Supplemented with Natural Grape Extracts is Well Accepted by Consumers and Reduces Brain Oxidative Stress), are majorachievements.

What are the main outputs of the study? A tasty juice is good for you!

Red grape polyphenol extracts from Alvinesa Natural Ingredients are entirely constituted by phenolic compounds (premium selected blending of monomers, dimers, oligomers, and polymers) and have a unique formulation that ensures direct absorption in the small intestine.

These grape extracts are currently used as commercial supplements approved for human consumption. They are not only interesting because of the flavonoids of low molecular weight (monomers) but also because the substantial content in PACs that can be 20 to 25% higher than other products you currently find on the market.

These red polyphenols were processed and added to a very common beverage matrix, grape juice and we are glad to introduce you some of the key outputs of the study:

  • Polyphenol levels are not negatively affected by grape juice pasteurization.
  • The addition of red grape polyphenols does not cause relevant changes in the intensity of flavour and texture of the grape juice.
  • Red grape polyphenols addition to the grape juice does not cause variation in its organoleptic standards.
  • Oral administration of grape juice supplemented with red grape polyphenols exert an antioxidant effect in the brain of stressed mice.
  • Preventive treatment with grape juice enriched with red grape polyphenols increases antioxidant enzymes activity in the brain.
  • Preventive treatment with red grape polyphenol-enriched grape juice prevents lipid peroxidation in the brain.

New opportunities in the F&B and animal nutrition market comes by these results

For decades, grape seed extracts have been recognized as ingredient with very high potential and recent studies on perceived stress continue to confirm it.

There are fewer studies on the high potential of red grape skin extracts, and we are glad to introduce these new results.

As a manufacturer dedicated at 100% to grape, these results support the current new development in the food and beverages industry as well as in animal nutrition market where oxidative stress is a major issue.

Also, it demonstrates that beneficial ingredients like red polyphenols can be largely used without impacting the organoleptic profile of beverages offering great opportunities to food manufacturers.

Last but not least, as both grape skin and grape seed extracts have demonstrated promising results and as their phenolic compositions are rather different, you can imagine that new studies on their synergetic effects are coming…




Financed by: ERDF/Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities – Spanish Research Agency/PROJECT: New food to prevent diseases with cognitive impairment, with reference number RTC-2017-6424-1.

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