Alvinesa Natural ingredients is one of the major suppliers of natural grape extracts and especially red grape skin extracts (Anthocyanins/ E163).
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Alvinesa Natural ingredients is one of the major suppliers of  natural grape extracts and especially red grape skin extracts (Anthocyanins/ E163).

As a manufacturer, we offer a wide range of products to our customers, including some famous products as:

  • EV2       (liquid)
  • EV3       (liquid)
  • EV6       (liquid)
  • EV9-12 -24 (powder)

These products are available in full tank, IBC or 15-20 kg cardboard.

In the 1940’s, the grape skin extracts have been initially used in the beverages industry (Soft, cocktail, spirits) to bring a bright red and purple shade to the product. Then, applications like ice cream and dairies, jams and fruit preparation, confectionery has been successfully developed during the following decades.  Now, grape anthocyanins can be found in many common products and are a perfect alternative to the synthetic additives.


What do we call a sustainable and natural colouring solution?

A solution coming from a natural, local, and sustainable source

Alvinesa’s products are made from grape pomace, a by-product from the Spanish wine producers. Our commitment is to bring values from this grape pomace and extract all its potential, especially anthocyanins.


An extract made with a gentle process

The objective of the extraction and purification process is to properly select the beneficial molecules from the raw material and to preserve all its potential.

We designed a unique extraction process to maintain a very low temperature. This new process helps us to conserve the antioxidative potential and the natural structure of the anthocyanins and ensure a perfect solubility.


An extract made in a sustainable way

Using a sustainable resource and a gentle process is not enough.

All our plant is designed to produce natural grape extracts with a controlled and limited number of natural resources (ISO14 001). Water consumption is rigorously managed, and our own grape biomass is used to provide the water steam for our process.  These examples perfectly illustrate our commitment to the circular economy principle.


Going one step further… What about associating the benefits of grape polyphenols and the natural red colour of grape skin extracts in only one healthy product?

At Alvinesa Natural ingredients, we extract anthocyanins from grape to provide natural colour for food and beverages.  More than offering a unique natural colouring solution for all type of healthy food and beverages, remarkably interesting new studies demonstrated the real health benefits of our grape skin extracts and its major compounds: Anthocyanins.



All our team is 100% dedicated to grape extracts and will be incredibly happy to support you in your projects and answer your questions. Contact us!