We count many different potential applications for grape seed extracts.
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Why grape seed extracts are good to support our health?

We count many different potential applications for grape seed extracts. Grape seeds are very well known for their beneficial properties:

In this article, we will talk about the different use of grape seed extracts and the already recognized claims which support the use in nutraceutical formulation…

What are the main benefits of consuming grape seed extracts?

Strong antioxidative properties:

The grape seed extracts are rich in phenolic compounds, especially proanthocyanins which demonstrated an important antioxidative potential. They protect our cells from free radicals and act as anti-aging agent.

This antioxidative power is also the reason why some grape compounds are perfect pharmaceutical candidates to prevent neurodegenerative and cardiovascular disease.

Blood Circulation

The consumption of grape seed polyphenols offers some potential positive effect on blood circulation, exerting a protective action on blood vessels. Grape polyphenols could help to prevent thrombosis and the formation of varicose veins.

Historically, the grape seed extracts have been purified in the 1990’s to offer an efficient active ingredient for the pharmaceutical market. The grape seed extracts was used in different drugs as a  Veinotonic  to treat disorders of the venous circulation as heavy legs.

Skin health and cosmetic:

Grape seed extract and grape seed oil have been used for decades in the cosmetic industry. Famous brand likeOenobiol or Caudalie demonstrated the efficiency of grape extract in their formulations.

The grape extracts help to improve the overall health appearance of the skin improving luminosity and elastic.

Why should you use Grape seed extracts and what are the relevant claims associated?

In Europe, consumers are protected by different regulation. That is why the information written on the label of a food supplementsare very controlled.

Grape extracts have been known and consumed for decades.  In the nutraceutical market, it is possible to use the following claims on the label:

  • Are a recognized source of antioxidants.
  • Contributes to maintain a normal veinous circulation.
  • Supports slimming process, contribute to cellulitis reduction, and helps to stabilize the bodyweight.
  • Have a Nootropic and adoptogenic effect and contribute to normal function of the nervous system.

BONUS: The good news are: it is also possible to use claims on the cosmetic and nutricosmetic side as the benefits from grapes are already recognized:

  • Help to protect the skin from free-radical damages.
  • Help improve the overall health and appearance of the skin.

As you might know, Alvinesa is dedicated to grape extracts and always improving its offer.

Our R&D team is currently working on new applications and would be glad to talk to you about it. Also, we launched a new organic certified range of grape extracts that allow your team to formulate with:  local, natural, efficient, and organic grape extracts.

If you have any project related to grape extracts or any will to offer a highly effective natural extract, please contact us.