Red and white wine concentrate for sauces

Red and white wine concentrate - Natural food ingredients

One of the main trends observed in the food industry, in recent years, is the use of natural ingredients.

As a supplier of natural wine and grape ingredients, Alvinesa provides to its customers many opportunities to develop new natural products.

The potential of wine and grape extracts as natural flavors in food ingredients, as well as natural food coloring, is limitless. Today, Alvinesa Natural Ingredients provides Natural Color (E163), Natural Tartaric Acid (E334) and Wine Concentrate.

Wine concentrate is already largely used in the food industry in Europe, Asia and in the US.


The sectors in which they are used


Wine concentrate for food flavour

What is red or white wine concentrate exactly?

During the year, Alvinesa selects red and white wine based on its organoleptic potential, or in other words, its substance qualities, such as taste, color and odor.

These wines will be distilled in order to get the alcohol out. Then, we apply a unique process of concentration in order to acquire the following:

  • Bright red product with fresh flavor
  • Red product with typical wine-reduction flavor
  • White wine concentrate with fresh flavor and acidity

All these products can be concentrated according to our customers´ needs.

We can offer wine concentrate from the grape for sale that mainly fits any types of food flavoring and food coloring product applications.

Wine concentrate for food flavor

What are the applications of white and red wine concentrate?

Historically used as natural flavoring and coloring ingredients in sauces, soups, broths and convenience food, white and red wine extracts have also been developed, in the past decade, for new applications. 

Nowadays, grape concentrate is extensively used in the elaboration of beverages such as mixed drinks (i.e.: alcopops), in addition to wine restitution, plus in a great range of confectionery and even in the making of cheese specialties.

Wine concentrate manufacturers

Where to buy wine extract or wine concentrate?

Alvinesa offers a wide range of red and white wine extracts, which have been developed based on highly-quality selected raw materials and undergone a unique concentration process.

Furthermore, in order to keep the natural flavor of the wine, Alvinesa does not add any type of aromas to its wine concentrates. 

Thus, we put at your disposal the best wine concentrate kits. Our standard products go from 10° Brix to 55° Brix. This means that 1 liter of wine concentrate is the equivalent to 30 - 40 liters of wine. 

If you would like more information on our Wine concentrates or on any food-related natural grape extracts, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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