Grapeseed oil

Natural vegetable oil with a neutral flavour and many uses in food and cosmetics

The sectors in which they are used




What they are used for

It is ideal to be used cold in salads and vinaigrettes. Its high smoke point (216ºC) means it can also be used for frying. It is also an oil used in cosmetics.

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Their benefits

Grapeseed oil is a source of Vitamin E and has a high concentration of linolenic and linoleic acid (76%), essential fatty acids, also known as Omega 6 and Omega 3 which are very important in prostaglandin synthesis, substances which are necessary to reduce the aggregation of platelets and to reduce any type of inflammation. It is an ally in preserving cardiovascular health, in preventing high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes. (Journal of American College of Cardiology 14-18 March 1993).


Alvinesa Natural Ingredients is part of Oleovitis Real Grapeseed Oil, the Association of European Producers of Grapeseed Oil, with whom we work closely in the search for excellence for this oil, as well as to increase its profile and its use on international and European markets.

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