Grape Polyphenols

Polyphenols are a heterogeneous set of molecules found in various plants and fruits. The grape and its derivatives have a high content of these polyphenolic compounds. Phenolic grape compounds include, among others, phenolic acids and flavonoids (catechins, proanthocyanidins) and stilbenes (resveratrol).

The highest concentration of polyphenols is found in the grape seed and in the skin of the grape. Alvinesa produces grape polyphenols of 100% natural origin from selected white and red grapes, with perfect traceability from the vineyard to the final product.

These grape compounds harbor a great antioxidant power (high ORAC value) and have multiple health benefits, applicable in food, nutraceutical products and animal nutrition. Part of the biological activity of polyphenols resides in their ability to be part of the cellular antioxidant system in humans, which makes them perfect natural antioxidants.


The beneficial properties of grape polyphenolsIn fact, numerous scientific studies have shown the efficacy of grape polyphenols in improving the properties of the skin, digestive, cardiovascular and cognitive systems. Important studies on its potential beneficial effects consider the important role they could play in improving the conditions of diseases such as cancer and diabetes, in addition to inflammatory processes.

The so-called "French paradox", a curious nutritional evidence, reflected in a study that analyzed the impact on longevity by adopting a low-risk lifestyle, was the forerunner of many of today's scientific studies focused on the beneficial properties of grape polyphenols.


This paradox showed how in France the incidence in cardiovascular disease cases was much lower than in the United States, although, in France, the consumption of saturated fats per inhabitant was much higher. The secret: their moderate consumption of red wine.

Today, grape seed and grape skin extract is used in the elaboration of multiple products in the food market, in dietary supplements, as an enriching component in animal compound feed, in the composition of medicinal products and, in a growing trend, in the production of cosmetic items.

We have our own R&D department and laboratory, where, backed by scientific studies, we take all the natural power of the grape and turn it into high quality natural products for the food, nutraceutical and ​​animal nutrition industries.


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