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Tartaric acid

At our tartrate plant, we process piquettes and lees through a crystallisation, washing and centrifugation process to extract the calcium tartrate, which is the raw material used to obtain natural tartaric acid.

What sectors are they used in?

Beverages and food

Medical products

Industry and energy

Uses of tartaric acid

Imagen de ácido tartárico


Tartaric acid is used in oenology to acidify wines, must and derivatives


Identified in the Food Code as E334, it is an acidulant and natural preservative to enhance the flavour of pastries, sweets, marmalades, gelatines, ice-cream and fruit juice. It is also used as an ingredient in yeast and as an emulsifier in the bread making industry.


It is used as an excipient to prepare antibiotics, pills, effervescent tablets and powder medications in compounds for heart disorders.


In the construction sector, it is used in cement and, more particularly, for plaster due to its late setting capacity which makes for easier handling.

Imagen de ácido tartárico
Imagen de ácido tartárico

Chemical industry

A laboratory reagent product, in galvanisation, photography, polishing and cleaning solutions for the electronics and plastics industry, as ink and a printing agent in the textile industry, as a metal ion sequester and as an antioxidant for industrial grease.

ALVINESA NATURAL INGREDIENTS S.A, has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund to carry out the project with file number CR 0357-P03 "Tartaric Acid Production Plant in Daimiel, (Ciudad Real)".

The new industry has enabled it to have facilities with the latest technological innovations in the market as well as to optimize the production processes, allowing them to manufacture high quality products under maximum safety and hygiene conditions, in a linear way and without crosses, avoiding possible cross-contamination.

Approved investment: 3.153.558 €

Grant: 536.070,86 €