Grape tannins

Oenological tannins - Grape tannins

Tannin of natural origin obtained from different parts of the grape.

But what could be more natural than using grape extracts for the Wine and Spirits industry?

In addition to natural tartaric acid, our R&D team has developed an excellent range of grape tannins for color stabilization and wine balance.


Proanthocyanidins: condensed tannins

Proanthocyanidins are condensed tannins, and tannins are natural polyphenols found in wine, derived from the grape skin and seeds.

They are known for their beneficial properties, which influence the quality of the wine as well as the health of the consumer.

During the winemaking process, oenological tannins can be added to the wine or must, and naturally, grape tannins seem to be the logical choice.

When do we add tannins to wine?

In reality, grape tannins are found in sufficient quantities in grapes naturally, so they do not need to be systematically added to wine. However, this will depend on the climate, the type of wine, the vintage, and the goals of the wine producer.

Oenological grape tannins are especially recommended for underripe grapes, or in the case of botrytis cinerea, which can infect mature or senescent plants before harvest, or seedlings.

They are used in different steps of the winemaking process: harvest, clarification and aging.

You can find grape tannins in powdered extract and liquid extract. At Alvinesa, we manufacture both and collaborate with the leaders in the formulation of oenological tannin to ensure that they will be used in the best possible way.


What main applications do grape tannins have?

Grape tannins are commonly used in red wine to facilitate the stable formation of pigmentation, stabilize the color of the wine and improve its structure. In white wine and rosé wine, grape seed tannins reduce the amount of unstable proteins. They help improve the overall balance of the wine.

Additionally, tannins are used to enhance the natural antioxidant properties of all types of wine. This is why natural grape extracts are increasingly used, due to their multiple benefits in general, in different types of edible and drinkable products and also in dietary supplements, and even pharmaceutical components.

Best grape extract suppliers

What are our commitments as a supplier of natural oenological tannins?

As a real manufacturer and supplier of natural grape extracts, Alvinesa uses 100% physical and water extraction processes and applies them to rigorously selected raw materials. In this way, the Alvinesa grape tannins retain their natural properties and the resulting powder dissolves perfectly and easily in the wine.

Our R&D&I team is fully working on the development of new natural grape extracts for Oenology. If you would like more information about grape seed tannins, grape skin tannins or other types of natural grape extracts, do not hesitate to contact us.

We will respond to you right away!



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