Alvinesa is the largest industrial complex in the world for preparing natural ingredients and alcohols from grapes. We are located in Daimiel, in the heart of Castilla-La Mancha, the largest wine region in the world. This prime location allows us to maximise the use of all the raw materials from the wineries and cooperatives throughout Spain. We also make a notable contribution to sustaining rural employment in this region of southern Europe. Our processes are state-of-the art and environmentally friendly and we use cutting-edge technology to purify our extracts. Our laboratory analyses all the raw material and constantly monitors production to guarantee the traceability and quality of our products.

We can wash a million kilos of grape marc a day. Each of our grape marc dryers process 400,000 kilos a day. We produce polyphenols and anthocyanins using our own diffusion, purification and concentration equipment. Using the lees and piquette, we obtain the raw material for natural tartaric acid from our tartrate plant. 

We produce 200,000 litres a day of potable and industrial alcohol. The grapeseed oil extraction plant has a monthly production capacity of 900 tons of raw oil.

We have our own logistics to collect the raw materials and to distribute our end products.