The whole of ALVINESA’s activity is based on agriculture. Therefore, our commitment to the earth and the environment is engrained in our DNA as a company and underpins and encompasses all our actions:

· Reducing greenhouse gases (GHG) as far as possible by fostering the use of biofuels.

· Professional and personal development of employees as regards sustainability.

· Assessing and determining all the environmental impacts, arising from the activity and from the ensuing products and services, in order to reduce and prevent the negative aspects as far as possible.

· Ensuring rational and efficient use of the natural resources, raw materials and energy, championing sustainable production of biomass as an essential contribution to climate protection.

· Establishing a continuous improvement process and employee training and awareness training.

· Implementing and maintaining the traceability and mass balance requirements in line with the ISCC standard.

· Adopting the measures needed to prevent pollution.

· Adopting all the necessary measures to guarantee compliance of all environmental legislation applicable to our activity, along with any requirement that we adopt in the future related to environmental aspects.

· Managing and treating waste in the most environmentally friendly way and minimising its generation in the processes. We mainly contribute to biofuels and we conduct  strict environmental control in the performance of all our activities. 

As regards energy, the self-supply of thermal energy thanks to the waste-to-energy recovery of dry marc in biomass fuel equipment allows the carbon footprint of our process to be substantially reduced compared to the alternative of diesel or other fossil fuels. We have managed to ensure our industrial processes are carbon neutral. The company is constantly striving to find new non-polluting energy sources and establish alliances with other companies that share these energy concerns.