Alvinesa Products

Producing wine alcohols and by-products since 1993. We keep on

doing research on new grape-derivative products and new applications.








Our products

Alcohols made from wine or wine by-products

Alcohols with an alcohol content of between 92º and 96.5º obtained through distillation in by-product columns (Schnapps and Lees)

At our tartrate plant, we process piquettes and lees through a crystallisation, washing and centrifugation process to extract the calcium tartrate, which is the raw material used to obtain natural tartaric acid.

Grape seed oil is extracted from it. This is a fruity oil used for a number of purposes in food and cosmetics.

Natural antioxidants for human and animal food. We also obtain anthocyanins, a natural colouring for use in foods like ice-cream and fizzy drinks.


The schnapps drying process and grape seed oil extraction process produces dry schnapps and grape seed flour.

Grape seed flour and dealcoholised schnapps