Other grape-derivative products

Grape seed flour

The stalk is initially removed from full grape pomace and later dried. The pulp and skin are then separated and the grape seeds are obtained.

Pips are the seeds separated in the prior process. The seeds are comprised of a tegument or very woody covering and a lipid-rich albumin.

The product that results from extracting the oil is called degreased grain or Grape Seed Flour (with 1-2% residual oil) and contains approximately 50% raw fibre and a large quantity of minerals like calcium, iron, zinc, etc. and 5% vitamin E.

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Imagen de uvas y pepitas de uva para harina de pepita de uva

What sectors are they used in?

Grade seed flour is used as a component in feed specially made for ruminants and rabbits and as a fuel for ovens and steam boilers.

Industry and energy

Animal food

Dealcoholised pomace

Once the alcohol extraction process is completed, the pomace can be used as a substrate to obtain mulch which can be used as fuel after drying.

What sectors are they used in?

Industry and energy

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